JavaScript:~ the start

JavaScript is one of the most popular languages of the world. It has taken on internet in weird yet fascinating way which makes it interesting to learn. There are many JavaScript libraries and frameworks which you can use and learn. To count some of them, there is jQuery, Angular JS, React js, Require js, etc. They have literally changed the face of web programming as we know today.

I am Sachin Singh, a JavaScript programmer. This blog is dedicated to all freaky codesters who love JavaScript and want to explore more. So let’s begin…

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language.

The current version of JavaScript is 1.8.5, and introduces some really cool features that makes web programming a lot more fun. The most interesting thing about JavaScript was that it was developed in just 10 days. Brendan Eich was the man behind the magic. He worked for Netscape communication back then.

JavaScript coding syntax is based patterns found in C and C++. However, there are some features that separate it from other languages. Some of them are as follows:

  1. JavaScript is loosely typed: We have just one type keyword to declare variables. That’s why some people call it as loosely typed.

    var a = 10; var b = "Hello"; var PI = 3.14, squared = PI*PI;

  2. JavaScript functions are first class objects: Functions in JavaScript can be stored in variables, passed to other JavaScript functions like objects and literals.
    var a = function () { ... };
    a(); // Calling function stored in variable a
    var b = function (fn) {
        fn(); // Calling function passed to function b
  3. JavaScript is not strict: You can put a semicolon to terminate each statement, or you can just forget about it. It doesn’t really matter.

    var name = "Brendan Eich";
    var name = "Brendan Eich"
    Both of them are valid.


JavaScript follows the ECMAScript standard specification. The latest specification is ES6 or ES2015 which introduces a bunch of new features that makes JavaScript more fun and easy to learn. We will learn some of them in our next tutorial.

If you are a beginner in JavaScript, I recommend you to go through JavaScript basics. Although it’s a small article, it covers everything you need to start with the great stuff going on in the world of front-end programming.

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